No one Here Is Me
A play by Sarah Winn
Shining a spotlight on men's struggles when it comes to mental health, depression, and suicide

About No one Here is Me

This powerful, verbatim play shines a searing, emotional spotlight on the visceral and deeply traumatic struggles faced by a growing number of men, around their mental health, depression and self-worth that all too frequently can lead to suicide. 

Through words, carefully distilled from interviews with men who have experienced these issues first hand, charities, families left behind, organisations and those who have lived through suicide attempts, the audience is given a raw and unfiltered look at the inner workings of the male psyche.

No one Here is Me was created by Sarah Winn, after her family suffered the numbing shock and devastation of her cousin taking his life in 2021. Suicide is a loss like no other and the current statistic for men is shocking and on the increase.

Sarah wanted to gain a better understanding of mens mental health and how we, as a society, might serve them better. After four months of research, with charities, organisations, individuals and her own family, Sarah used her visionary skills as a theatre maker to weave the words from her interviews into No one Here is Me, with a grant from the Arts Council.

In May 2023, the cast was brought together for five days rehearsal and development followed by two powerful sharings at The Marlowe Kit, Canterbury and The Aphra Theatre at the University of Kent. The post show discussions at both events clearly demonstrated how deeply the play and its message had touched the audiences, provoked strong conversations and determination for action. 

Sarah is now in the next phase of fund raising, applying for grants and connecting with charities, businesses and individuals, so that No one Here is Me can bring its powerful message and insight to more people and venues across the UK.

If you would like to help that happen, please contact us via our contact form.

Listen to the No one Here is Me Story

Sarah Winn was interviewed for BBC Radio Kent where she discusses her new project about men's mental health and suicide, relating to how it has affected her personally and how she is using her skills and experience to bring more information and support to those affected by mental health issues.

Sarah Winn with Dominic King at BBC Radio Kent

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